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2004 Fireworks

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Barrage Fireworks

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Barrage Autumn Leaves

As the nights draw in and summer turns to autumn, this new firework emulates the traditional english leaf fall. Beautiful rich warm colours cascade down from above finishing with sustained weeping willows. A new, exciting and very special effect Only 19.99  Ref.38618 (2004)  

Barrage Attack Pack

Four of our best 24 shot barrages, which recreate a war zone in your display. It includes the new Block Buster, so cover your ears Only 23.99  Ref.38326 (2004)

Air attack

19 shot medium barrage of Red and Green pearls rising to a good height before exploding with a tremendous report.  Only 10.99  Ref.38528 (2004)

Darkness Invader

19 shot medium barrage. Darkness is no longer, multi-coloured comet tails and stars light up the sky. A VERY popular firework. . Only 10.99  Ref.38209 (2004)

Flaming Fireballs

19 Shot barrage. With loud reports and crackling rising stars. Magnificent and noisy. A sensational display of golden crackling bomb bursts. Only 10.99  Ref.38207 (2004)

Golden Dawn

19 Shot barrage. This barrage delivers 19 willow bursts, which rise prior to bursting on a golden column of light. Only 10.99 Ref.38208 (2004)

Inferno Sound

19 shots of flashing silver tails combined with really loud titanium reports. This is a loud one. Only 10.99  Ref.38210 (2004)

Meteor Swarm

19 shots silver tails rising to the sky, bursting into red peonies.  Only 10.99  Ref.38529 (2004)  

Sonic Sunset

A diamond shaped barrage, that generates some complicated aerial effects. Only 9.99  Ref.38009 (2004)


Stand clear as 200 missiles launch into the sky. Rapid fire whistles and reports accompany this extravagant new design.. Only 9.99  Ref.38321 (2004)

Culmination 325 Shot

325 shot fire rapidly into the sky, filling it with crackling, red and green stars, culminating in a powerful finale. Only 12.99 Ref.38915  (2004)


Defeat utterly, demolish and crumble to dust. Our new baby the pulveriser will deliver at an enviable price. Only 22.99 Ref.38108 (2004)

Symphony in the Sky

32 shots changeable effects with marvellous sounds. Slowly then quickly, quietly then loudly. Only 29.99 Ref.38571 (2004)

End of the World

One of our biggest. 500 shots give a long burning time, emitting colour pearls, whistles, comet tails, big bangs and the most unforgettable finale.  Only 49.99 Ref.38575 (2004)

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