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2004 Fireworks

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Barrage Fireworks Packs

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Revelation Barrage Pack

Our best selection of 13 barrages are collected and packed in a strong shinning coloured box.  Only 49.99 Ref.38584 (2004)

Shok Wave Barrage Pack

14 pieces of barrages in a coloured window box. 2 boxes to a carton. A superb selection of barrages, some of which are not available to buy singularly. No fountains are in this pack so you get a complete aerial display. 476 shots in this pack. Firework goggles included.  Only 59.99 Ref.38322 (2004)

Aftershock Barrage Pack

11 pieces of barrages in a coloured window box. One box to a carton. If you enjoy plenty of noise and colour, then this is the pack for you. Our premier barrage pack gives the biggest bursts and spectacular effects.423 shots in this pack. Firework goggles included. Only 99.99 Ref.38324 (2004)

Doomsday Deterrent

The second of our roaming fan barrages, which sends projectives left to right. Then right to left across all 129 shots. A wonderful spectacle of pyrotechnic wizardry, pure genius. . Only 79.99 Ref.38118 (2004)

Independence Day

129 shots of sheer ecstasy in a fan shaped barrage, new effects with coloured stars and loud reports.Prepare for the 4th July. . Only 84.99 Ref.38016 (2004)



More fireworks are available in-store. Please feel free to contact us for further information, or down load the on-line order form.



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