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Roman Candles

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2004 Fireworks

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Roman Candles &  Fountains

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Gypsy Fountain

3 different fountains which burn for ninety seconds with a minimum of three different effects. Only 3.99  Ref.38137 (2004)

Proton Cannon

12 shot roman candle BREATHTAKING. Only 10.99  Ref.38098 (2004)

Fantastic Fountain

Without doubt one of our most successful fountains, a bubbling mass of white flowers, or a beautiful display of colour. Only 4.49  Ref.38216 (2004)

Enchanted Forest

Enter the enchanted forest and watch the fairies dance. Sparkling with colour and giggling with excitement. Only 4.99  Ref.38023 (2004)

Moon Bomb Mine

Stand clear after you have ignited the moon bomb. After the fountain has concluded, the whole pot explodes throwing air bombs into the sky. Only 6.99 Ref.38075 (2004)

Titanium Candle

8 Shot roman candle. The biggest 8 shot roman candle in the range. Very large bursts. Only 10.99  Ref.38042 (2004)

Coloured Roman Candles

Coloured roman candles. Each roman candle produces 10 spectacular colour pearl stars. Pack of 6. Only 5.99  Ref.844404


Just when you thought it was safe to breath easily, a backdraft of red & yellow fireballs fill the sky. The biggest mine available for private use. Only 9.99 Ref.38314 (2004)

Creation Mine 5 Pack

The second of our new acetate packs which improves the presentation of this fast selling mine pack.. Only 6.99 Ref.38894  (2004)

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